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Facts and Puzzles

Electric Chair – 2

Invention – 4

The Gerry Commission – 6

The Medico-Legal Commission – 10

First Execution – 14

Adoption – 16

Current Use – 18

Notable Persons and Events in the United States – 20

Decline – 24

Capital Punishment – 30

History – 32

Ancient History – 36

Tang Dynasty – 38

Middle Ages – 42

Modern Era – 44

20th Century – 46

Contemporary Era – 48

Modern-day Public Opinion – 50

Movements Towards Non-painful Execution – 52

Abolition of Capital Punishment – 54

Contemporary Use

Capital Punishment by Country – 60

Juvenile Offenders – 64

Methods – 72

Public Execution – 72

Capital Crime – 74

Controversy and Debate – 78


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